Thursday, September 3, 2015

Now, After Protests, the Prison Backed Down! Major Tillery Returned to General Polulation!

"Major is in the hole, not because of drugs, but because of something prison administrators hate and fear among all things: prisoner unity, prisoner solidarity." -Mumia Abu-Jamal. LISTEN and Read Mumia tell this story: “Messing with Major."     
Major George Tillery is a Pennsylvania lifer, turning 65 on September 5, 2015, who confronted SCI Mahanoy
Superintendent John Kerestes over Mumia Abu-Jamal's deteriorating health. Weeks before Mumia went into diabetic shock, elder Tillery told the Mahanoy superintendent to get Mumia to the hospital, stating, "Mumia is dying." Prison authorities retaliated against Major Tillery--repeatedly ransacked his cell and denied him medical treatment for seeking medical assistance for Mumia and other prisoners. Tillery was transferred to SCI Frackville, and then falsely charged with drug possession for receiving a letter with a drug concealed under the stamp. (Stamps are taken off mail at this institution before being given to inmates.) Major Tillery was disciplined and given six months in "the hole" (RHU)--solitary confinement without phone calls, commissary or medical attention.

On September 1, after international protest and demands were made to Pa Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel and SCI Frackville Superintendent Brenda Tritt, Major Tillery was moved back into general population at SCI Frackville. Tillery spent four months in horrific and life-threatening conditions in the hole for his act of solidarity with Mumia and other prisoners, challenging the pervasive medical neglect and mistreatment in prison.
In a call to attorney Rachel Wolkenstein, Major Tillery thanked all those who showed their support and protested this retaliation. He told Superintendent Tritt that he wanted full exoneration of these false charges. The Prison will use this misconduct record against him in the future to send him back to the hole. He asked for continued action.

Call prison officials and demand that:
  • Major Tillery be exonerated for this set-up charge of drug possession and the misconduct be removed from his record.
  • Major Tillery be transferred back to SCI Mahanoy or to another facility in eastern Pennsylvania to remain near his family.
  • Major Tillery be given medical treatment for his severe skin ailment.
Dept. Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel           (717) 728-4109 
Superintendent Brenda Tritt, SCI Frackville            (570) 874-4516 

Write to
Major Tillery AM 9786
SCI Frackville
1111 Altamont Blvd.
Frackville, Pa. 17931
For More Information, Go To:

Kamilah Iddeen (Major Tillery’s daughter) (717)
Rachel Wolkenstein, Esq. (917)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Messing With Major By Mumia Abu-Jamal

Messing With Major
[col. writ. 8/14/15] © ’15 Mumia Abu-Jamal
His name is Major - (his real name); Major Tillery of West Philadelphia.
Although he had a reputation as a gangster, in prison such things matter little. It’s as a jailhouse lawyer that he shook the prison walls in the case known as Tillery v. Owens, a ground-breaking prison conditions case where double-dealing (or the placement of four men in a cell) was declared unconstitutional. The prison medical department was declared unconstitutional and living conditions in part of the prison were declared a violation of the constitution.
Shortly after his glorious win, Major Tillery was sent to a prison in another state;
Sure looks like it.
Several months ago, Major saw me in the library, and expressed shock at my appearance, my carriage, and my level of wakefulness. He argued with me, insisting I go to the prison infirmary.
I resisted, saying I was ok, or would be in a few days. Major said, “Dude - I’m looking at you - your skin is shedding; you are so tired you can’t stay awake. You ain’t cool, Mu!”
He went further. He walked up to the prison superintendent, warning him that if Jamal wasn’t hospitalized immediately, he might die.
The warden responded, “I suggest you worry less about another prisoner, and more about yourself.”
Major responded immediately: “That’s what I’m doing, cuz that’s my brother - and I want for my brother what I want for myself!”
From that day forward, Tillery was hit by daily harassments, daily shakedowns, and he was removed from his job of Peer Facilitator.
He was transferred - first to the other side of the prison, and soon thereafter, to nearby SCI- Frackville. Once there, he got another surprise: he received a misconduct for drug-trafficking (of suboxone), using stamps. He was given 6 months in the hole!
Here’s the only problem with such a charge. At Frackville (as in Mahanoy), all stamps are ripped off of envelopes by the mailroom before prisoners receive their mail.
Tillery demanded he be charged by the State Police to prove the falsity of the charge. The prison refused to do so.
Sure looks like it.
To make matters worse, Major Tillery, and dozens of other men, are also suffering from skin rashes and getting little relief.
Major is in the hole not because of drugs, but because of something prison administrators hate and fear above all things: prisoner unity; prisoner solidarity.
On Sept. 5, 2015, Tillery will turn 65 years old, in the hole for blatant retaliation.
© ‘15maj

Urgent Call To Action: Major Tillery's Health Is Worse

Major Tillery is having breathing problems, because of air quality. He is also having numbness and pain down his left arm. Call the individuals below and explain this. Leave a message if necessary. 

 Superintendent Brenda Tritt, SCI Frackville           (570) 874-4516 

 Dept. Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel           (717) 728-4109 

 Contact PA Gov. Tom Wolf: (717)-787-2500
  •  State that you are calling about Major Tillery #AM9786, to demand he obtains medical care and that he is released from the RHU and placed back in general population. Inform them that you are aware that he is in the hole and being denied medication in retaliation for speaking up for other prisoners. 

 2. Write Major a letter of solidarity: Major's Birthday Is Sept. 5,                2015

 Dear Major Tillery, 

 We honor your brave act of solidarity on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal. You urged him to seek medical care and challenged the Prison Superintendent to protect his life. You helped save the life of a fellow prisoner and for that act of solidarity they are trying to bury you in the bowels of SCI Frackville under false charges. No matter how hard they try they cannot hide you under the weight of lies and intimidation. The power of the truth must come to light. Thank you Major Tillery for your courageous service. We salute you! 

 Major George Tillery AM 9786 SCI
 Frackville, 1111 Altamont Blvd
 Frackville, PA 17931