Monday, January 25, 2016

Major Tillery Needs Donations For Filing Fees and Transcripts

The State of Pennsylvania denied Major Tillery's Lawsuit and he currently needs to file in federal court.

He will need to pay a $500.00 filing fee. 

Major Tillery also needs to purchase a copy of his transcripts.

Assist Major Tillery in raising ($2,000), two thousand dollars. He does not have the funds and his family does not either.

Send funds via J-Pay directly to him. His account will be debited for payments to the court.

Contribute To Major Tillery Using The Link Below.
  New Accounts Go To Second Box
State: Pennsylvania
Inmate ID: AM 9786

Code: Major Tillery

Major Tillery faced retaliation from the PA DOC because he stood up to the warden and demanded that Mumia receive medical care. Tillery is an advocate for other prisoners. 

 The link below is a 1990, Judicial Opinion

Major George Tillery's voice must not be silenced. He must file in federal court. Additionally, Tillery is represented pro bono for the trumped up murder charge. He needs transcripts and they are costly. 

Contribute To Major Tillery Using The Link Below. 

  New Accounts Go To Second Box
State: Pennsylvania
Inmate ID: AM 9786

Code: Major Tillery

Major Tillery was denied medical treatment, transferred and put in the hole “because of something prison administrators hate and fear among all things: prisoner unity, prisoner solidarity.” 
        -Mumia Abu-Jamal
Major Tillery stood up for Mumia, telling John Kerestes, the Superintendent at SCI Mahanoy, that Mumia is dying and needs to go to the hospital. Soon afterward, Mumia was rushed to the hospital in deadly diabetic shock. For that warning and refusing to remain silent in the face of medical neglect and mistreatment of all prisoners Major Tillery was put in the hole in another prison and denied medical care for his arthritis, liver problems and hepatitis C. 
On January 5, 2016 Major Tillery filed a 40 page, 7-count civil rights lawsuit with 150 pages of exhibits in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas against the Department of Corrections, the superintendents of SCI Mahanoy and SCI Frackville and other prison guards for retaliation . He is demanding the prison stop the retaliation, remove false misconducts from his record and transfer him from SCI Frackville. Just two days laterJudge Cyrus Palmer Dolbin dismissed the lawsuit, on the absurd ground that the lawsuit was “frivolous”!
Major Tillery is now filing his lawsuit in the U.S. district court. But the costs of re-filing including court fees, copying and service expenses amount to over $500.  Please help. Send money: Go to:  Code: Major Tillery AM 9786 PADOC
Demand the Department of Corrections:
Stop the Retaliation Against Major Tillery. 

Exonerate Major Tillery for the false charges of drug possession.
Remove the false misconduct from Major Tillery’s record.

Transfer Major Tillery from SCI Frackville to another facility in eastern Pennsylvania near his family.
Provide decent medical care to Major Tillery and all prisoners!

Call and Email John Wetzel, Secretary of the PA Department of Corrections,
Send Letters of support to:
Major Tillery AM 9786
SCI Frackville

1111 Altamont Blvd. 
Frackville, PA 17931
Contribute: Go to Code: Major Tillery AM 9786 PADOC

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