Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Urgent Call To Action!!


Call and Email: 

  • Brenda Tritt, Supt, SCI Frackville, (570) 874-4516, 
  • John Wetzel, Secty of the PA DOC, (717) 728-4109,

    Demand that the Department of Corrections: 

    • Stop the Retaliation Against Major Tillery.
    •  Exonerate Major Tillery for the false charges of drug possession. 
    • Remove the false misconduct from Major Tillery’s record. 
    • Transfer Major Tillery from SCI Frackville to another facility in eastern Pennsylvania near his family. 
    •  Provide decent medical care to Major Tillery and all prisoners! 

     Send Letters of support to: 

       Major Tillery AM9786 SCI Frackville 
       1111 Altamont Blvd. 
       Frackville, PA 17931

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