Friday, August 21, 2015

Action Alert! Stand with Major Tillery - Mumia Abu-Jamal Via Prison Radio

Click To Listen - Messing With Major By Mumia Abu Jamal

Major Tillery stood up to the prison administration: he confronted them in no uncertain terms, noting that Mumia must get to the hospital in time - before he dies. SCI Mahanory Superintendent Kerestes told Major to mind his own business, to which Major replied 'Mumia is my business'. Please join us in standing in solidarity with Major Tillery,who has been transferred and put in solitary confinement as punishment for demanding that Mumia receive medical care.

 "Major is in the hole, not because of drugs, but because of something prison administrators hate and fear among all things: prisoner unity, prisoner solidarity." - Mumia Abu-Jamal 

 1. Call prison officials to demand that Major Tillery be released          from solitary confinement!
 Superintendent Brenda Tritt, SCI Frackville (570) 874-4516 
 Dept. Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel (717) 728-4109 
  •  State that you are calling about Major Tillery #AM9786, to demand he be released from the RHU and placed back in general population. 
  • Inform them that you aware that he is in the hole and being denied medication in retaliation for speaking up for another prisoner. 

 2. Write Major a letter of solidarity:

 Dear Major Tillery, 

 We honor your brave act of solidarity on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal. You urged him to seek medical care and challenged the Prison Superintendent to protect his life. You helped save the life of a fellow prisoner and for that act of solidarity they are trying to bury you in the bowels of SCI Frackville under false charges. No matter how hard they try they cannot hide you under the weight of lies and intimidation. The power of the truth must come to light. Thank you Major Tillery for your courageous service. We salute you! 

 Major George Tillery AM 9786 SCI
 Frackville, 1111 Altamont Blvd
 Frackville, PA 17931

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